First Choice Ultility Options guarantees to get you the best electricity price in the market today.

At First Choice Utility Options our sole aim is to ensure you the customer pay as little as possible for your electricity.
We keep on top of the ever-changing electricity tariffs from all the suppliers in Ireland to ensure we know where the best prices can be got. Combining this industry knowledge and the leverage that comes from representing over 600 businesses here in Ireland we are in a unique position to get the best prices for you.

Our priority is the customer, not the provider
People are often amazed at the savings that can be made

We have helped businesses in the following sectors save thousands on their electricity bill.

Daniel Mc Adam

Daniel Mc Adam
CEO First Choice Utility

  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Legal

  • Tourism
  • Leisure
  • Industrial

  • Private Sector
  • Business
  • Agricultural


Breffni Air have had the pleasure of working with Danny Mc Adam over the past number of years bringing the company big savings on all our utility costs.

Anne Marie McPhilips

Brefini Air

First Choice Utility Options are the hidden gem in the utility market. The attention to detail, support and customer service are outstanding. In the electricity market First Choice are one of the good guys. The best deal is always passed to the customer. Profitwatch would 100% recommend Daniel and all the staff at First Choice Utility Options

Oli Gleeson

Since signing up with First Choice Utility Options, my utility bills have decreased by 26.4%. Daniel has been a pleasure to work with, either himself or one of his team is on the end of the phone at any time.

Shane Connolly

Synergy Stocktaking

What to do next – it couldn’t be easier

  1. Get your smart phone
  2. Photography your electricity Bill front and back
  3. Email to

We will call you to discuss your possible savings



Is there any charge for having my electricity bill accessed to see what savings can be made?


No there is no charge and no obligation to act on the finding of our assessment of your bill.


If I choose to use the services of First Choice Utility Options to make savings on my electricity bill will I have to pay a fee for this.?


No there is no fee for using the services of First Choice Utility Options.


Are First Choice Utility Options tied to any one electricity player ?


No we are completely independent of all Electricity Companies. We represent you our client and will use what ever company offers you the best savings.


Can I achieve the same savings by going directly myself to the Electricity Companies to negotiate a deal?


While you can go directly to the companies yourself to see what kind of deal you can get you will not have the leverage to get the group rates we can achieve. This is because we represent over 600 businesses here in Ireland.


If I change my electricity supplier based on your recommendations what happens at the end of that new contract. Will you look to check again for further savings for me?


Yes, electricity prices are in constant flux. 2 months before the end of any new contract you sign with an electricity supplier we will start looking again to see if we can save you more money.


Will my electricity supply be interrupted if I change supplier?


If you have a complaint regarding your supplier or network operator’s service you should contact them directly.


If I decide to change is there much paper work involved?


No, First Choice Utility Options will deal with all aspects of the change. You only need to sign and save.


Can  First Choice Utility Options help me makes savings in any other aspects of  my business.?


Yes we can also help you make savings  in relation to Merchant Services & Communication Services.

“Danny and 1st Choice Utilities are incredible to work with. I am lucky enough to have experienced working with them as both a Customer and as a Colleague. You will get 100% attention and commitment from Danny and his team. Danny’s energy and appetite for business is infectious. It will rub off on you and drive your sales through the roof. You’ll have great fun in the process too!!! I cannot recommend them highly enough. Danny was responsible for introducing me to the Utilities Industry. I have learned an awful lot from his in dept knowledge and vast experience. 1st Class. 1st Choice.”

Rory McElvoy

Efficient Utilities